The Complete Graph Data Science Platform

LynxKite is a soon to be open-sourced “one stop shop” graph data science platform. Graph analytics and graph AI are the next frontier of data science and will improve machine learning performance in various applications.

With LynxKite you can:

LynxKite is to graph databases what RapidMiner and IBM SPSS Modeler are to SQL databases. But it is not necessary to have a graph database to use LynxKite as it manages its own internal graph data model. So LynxKite is not a graph DB but it is a powerful complementary technology for graph DBs if you have one already.

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LynxKite in action

This detailed video shows how we used LynxKite to analyze an internal email graph.

LynxKite was used to deliver Graph AI applications to these clients:

Vodafone HKT DBS Hong Leong Bank Telkomsel Land Transport Authority Globe Celcom Singtel Indosat Ooredoo