The LynxKite design evolution

I love reading about how software designs evolve. Finding the best way to represent and communicate things is challenging both in the code and on the user-interface. This article is my recollection of the journey that took us to LynxKite’s current design.

Given a map of a town (a graph, of course!), prospective customers and network access points LynxKite helps us figuring out an optimal fiber network layout.

Analyzing LynxKite’s Git history

How can we use Gource and LynxKite to visualize the LynxKite Git commit history in different ways?
[...] Six years and almost 16,000 commits later, today we are extremely proud and excited to announce putting this tool open-source in the hands of the broader community. We are confident that LynxKite can be an important tool in the hands of data scientists around the world and it will help boost the adoption of often neglected graph methods.